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Identity Comments

This is the charter for this newsgroup.

This is the most important newsgroup for advice and debate about the UK's CSA.

There is a loose relationship between this web site and this newsgroup. This web site hosts a hyper-text version of the newsgroup FAQ, and in future this is expected to be the official FAQ for the newsgroup. Many of the ideas on this web site were developed in discussions in the newsgroup, and some were first published there.


This is the charter for this newsgroup.

This is a relevant newsgroup in which various contact & access issues are discussed.

"Subjects for discussion - UK society, law and practice as it affects fathers and their children. Examples could include: Gender equality in law and practice; The term "absent parent" considered offensive; Welfare reports after separation; Sympathetic solicitors; Fathers in second marriages; Psychological research findings; Bogus ouster orders".

This does not have a charter.

This is useful newsgroup accessed by many people with legal knowledge. Those people tend not to know much about CSA law, but are likely to be able to answer questions about divorce law, data protection, human rights, etc.

This is the charter for this newsgroup.

This is a useful newsgroup, especially because of the interaction between the CSA & social security. This web site hosts a set of pages of links specifically focused on the needs of this newsgroup.

"Anyone interested will be welcome to participate in discussions about various benefits, which are paid by different government bodies, which form part of the UK's social security system".


This does not have a charter.

A related newsgroup, tending to discuss child support issues outside the UK.


This is the charter for this newsgroup.

Another newsgroup, much more off-topic for this web site.

"A UK wide general disability group would complement the main groups by allowing discussion of topics of local interest by disabled people and their friends and carers. In particular, such matters as medical insurance, health care, events, social services requirements, benefits policy, and other localised topics would be better discussed by UK members in a local newsgroup with common interests even if different disabilities are involved".

Other forums

NACSA (National Association for Child Support Action) provides a number of forums:

Child access | Advice | Sisters

NACSA (National Association for Child Support Action) is the most important lobby / activist group specifically about the CSA. Its forums are (in theory) available for members and non-members. People can ask questions and ask for advice, others answer.

In practice, the forums are subject to censorship. All the forums require a "handle" to be registered. There have been several threads which have been deleted.

FNF (Families Need Fathers) provides 2 forums for members. See the FNF (Families Need Fathers) forum page.
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