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30 June 2006

CSA reforms a scandal - still!

The Government has already stated that it is not fit for purpose. It is a pretty stark fact that that judgment is correct. 

Paul Cannon, a director of the NAO (National Audit Office)

The £800 million reform of the Child Support Agency ranks among the worst public administration scandals in modern times. 

The Commons Public Accounts Committee

The reformed programme is performing worse than the crumbling system it replaced. To try to drag the agency out of this mess, the Government has unveiled another new plan at a cost of £320 million. And there is a review under way, which is expected to call for a major redesign of the system - three years after the last reforms. 

Edward Leigh, the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee

The CSA has reached a dead end, and no amount of tinkering will get it working properly. 

Liberal Democrat spokesman David Laws

It is hard to feel anything other than "tell us something we don't already know!"

From The Times:
It costs the CSA 70p to collect every £1 of child support
Reforms of 2003 expected to cost £800m
Backlog of 300,000 cases waiting to be cleared
Average of nine months to clear each application
£3.5bn of uncollected maintenance
36,000 cases stuck in the system

Given the above, the following is a bit of a joke!

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