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Child Support Analysis

Child Support Analysis is a small independent think-tank. Its scope is "child support in the UK and topics related to child support". It aims to help answer the question:

"what should replace the reformed system so that the UK has child support suitable for the 21st Century?"

Over time, the emphasis of the work is changing from establishing the basic knowledge about the UK's child support system and how it operates (or in the case of the reformed system, how it will probably operate), to creating a vision for the 21st Century, with an Agenda for action to achieve this.

Increasingly, new material is in the form of papers which are supplied to the target audience (see below) as media separate from this web site. (However, typically those papers will also be available here).

This web site

This is the web site of Child Support Analysis, where most of its material is published.

Its primary audience is "politicians, academics, lobbyists & media". The secondary audience is "CSA staff, CSA customers & their advisors".

It provides: Analysis, Explanation, Information, Opinion, and perhaps Understanding. It doesn't provide advice, although it identifies sources of advice.

It does not exist for: Advising, Blaming, Campaigning, or Debating.

Barry Pearson

I'm a childfree self-employed business analyst and photographer. I am the chief analyst of Child Support Analysis.

While I have done most of the analysis seen here, a significant amount of it has been done in conjunction with others, and sometimes in discussions and debate in public forums. Some of the material on this site has been entirely contributed by others, in which case it is clearly attributed.

Actually, this web site does provide one traditional piece of advice:
To a sailor when running onto a lee shore without power in a gale:
"do not allow such a situation to occur"

Page last updated: 16 March, 2006 © Copyright Barry Pearson 2003