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Links to regional resources about Social Security

This is a maintained list of Internet sources related to, but not within, the scope of the newsgroup. (There are lots more links, organised mainly by the key discussion topics for the newsgroup, defined by its charter).

Regional (but often providing more general information)
One Parent Families Scotland One Parent Families Scotland has been working since 1944 to help lone parents. They are a national voluntary organisation, registered as a charity. Their members include individual lone parents, various organisations working with lone parents and others who just simply want to support the cause of lone parents.
Birmingham Disablity Resource Centre Birmingham Disability Resource Centre was the brainchild of a local disability rights organisation the Birmingham Disability Rights Group. As an organisation controlled by disabled people, they argued that disabled people’s experience of discrimination and social inequality often resulted in the denial of the opportunity and right of disabled people to speak on their own behalf and take their own decisions.
Community Care In Britain  
London Advice Services Alliance An expert resource for advisors.
Merton Unemployed Workers Centre The Centre is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation which provides free advice and representation for benefits and tax credits. Includes information on: Incapacity Benefit & Incapacity Benefit Tips; Working Families Tax Credit & Disabled Persons Tax Credit; Housing Benefit; & Benefit Rates).
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