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Parliament & Social Security

This is a maintained list of Internet sources related to, but not within, the scope of the newsgroup. (There are lots more links, organised mainly by the key discussion topics for the newsgroup, defined by its charter).


Alphabetical List of Members of Parliament.

Members, Ministers and Committees  

Select committees which are important for Social Security

Alphabetical index to the home pages of individual Select Committees of the House of Commons and Joint Committees of both Houses of Parliament.

Publications of the Work and Pensions Select Committee
Publications of the Social Security Select Committee (pre 2001-2002 session).

Press notices for select committees which are important for Social Security

Work and Pensions Select Committee Press Notices
Social Security Committee Press Notices (pre 2001-2002 session).

House of Commons Library Research Papers 2001 Typically, when a Bill on some complex topic is before Parliament, the House of Commons Library researchers will publish a paper/report describing the topic to help MPs "get up to speed". These are available to download in PDF format. (It is possible to get to earlier years from this link).
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