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This is a maintained list of Internet sources within the scope of the newsgroup. It is organised mainly by the key discussion topics for the newsgroup, defined by its charter. These are the "statements in quotes". (There are some more sections elsewhere, for example University Departments).

"How present and future social security laws effect claimants"
The Law Relating to Social Security The Law Relating to Social Security sets out the current provisions relating to social security (but excluding war pensions). The work is known as the Blue Volumes.
Acts of the UK Parliament With effect from the first Public General Act of 1988, the full text of all new Public General Acts are available via these Web Pages. All Public General Acts appear as originally passed by the UK Parliament.
Public Bills before Parliament This lists the public bills now before Parliament which are available in full text on the site. is the business and professional bookshop from The Stationery Office.
Department of Social Security In-house Research Reports  
Social Research Branch of the Department of Social Security  
Department for Work and Pensions Targeting Fraud Website Including "report a benefit cheat online".
Department of Social Security publications Use this listing to read or download a range of Department of Social Security publications.
Disability Discrimination Act The provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act will come into force over the next few years. This Web page gives a brief outline.
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