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Links concerned with gaining & improving employment

This is a maintained list of Internet sources within the scope of the newsgroup. It is organised mainly by the key discussion topics for the newsgroup, defined by its charter. These are the "statements in quotes".

"Information on procedures and schemes designed to help claimants gain/improve employment"
New Deal site New Deal is a key part of the Government's Welfare to Work strategy. It gives New Deal jobseekers aged 18-24, 25 plus, 50 plus and New Deal jobseekers with disabilities a real chance to develop their potential, gain skills and experience and find work.
New Deal for Lone Parents New Deal for Lone Parents is a voluntary programme designed specifically to help lone parents who want to work.
New Deal for Partners of Unemployed People For the first time a voluntary programme of help is on offer to the partners of people receiving Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA).
New Deal for people aged 25 plus New Deal is open to people aged 25 plus who have been claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for 18 months out of the last 21.
New Deal for Young People Learn New skills, find a New job and give yourself a New start. The step-by-step guide to New Deal for 18-24 sets out your path through New Deal, from joining to finding a permanent job.
The Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion The Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion was formed in June 2001 by the merger of two well-established organisations: Unemployment Unit & Youthaid and Centre for Social Inclusion.
Department for Education and Skills Mainly about the Department itself.
Tailored Interactive Guidance on Employment Rights The TIGER is designed to provide a user-friendly guide through UK employment law. Over the next few years, TIGER will expand to cover many aspects of the law. Currently: national minimum wage law, maternity pay and leave, employment relations.
Employment Zones In fifteen areas of the country with high long-term unemployment DWP are testing out a new way of helping the long term unemployed get and keep work through Employment Zones. Employment Zones pool funds for training, Employment Service support and the equivalent of benefit to maximise flexibility and give individuals more say in the choices which affect them. The aim is to get people into jobs and keep them in work.
Career Development Loans Since they were launched in 1988 Career Development Loans (CDLs) have helped tens of thousands of people to give their careers a lift.
worktrain "The national jobs and learning site". (Jobs, training, help with childcare, lots of links).
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