"Children First" & Second Family Children: Analysis of the issues and options
by Barry Pearson
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Appendix B: International experience

This is restricted to the English-speaking "Western" world.

Nations / states known to have a 2nd family modification

New Zealand: (A living allowance is subtracted from gross income before applying the formula; the living allowance is bigger if there is a 2nd family).

Hawaii: ("These guidelines consider ... other dependants ...").

Indiana: ("... there should be an adjustment to Weekly Gross Income of parents who have natural or legally adopted children living in their households that were born or adopted subsequent to the prior support order").

Massachusetts: ("The guidelines allow the judge to consider whether the noncustodial parent has another family to support").

Wisconsin: (Appears to be based on time sequence; a later 2nd family won't affect an earlier assessment, but a late assessment will take an existing 2nd family into account).

Nations / states apparently without a 2nd family modification

Further investigation may reveal that some of these have a 2nd family modification.








Hennepin County (Minn)


New York

North Carolina


South Carolina

South Dakota

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