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NACSA is dead - long live NACSA Ltd!

At their Annual General Meeting on 25th August 2002, members voted to replace "the voluntary organisation NACSA" (the National Association for Child Support Action) with "NACSA Ltd" (a non-profit company). For the record, I attended the AGM, and as a member I voted in favour of this change.

A purpose of this change is to build a financially secure professional organisation that can more reliably achieve the latest aims and objectives of the original NACSA. Another purpose is to distance the new organisation from the tainted image of the original group. The intention is to operate an organisation that will be able to help transform the UK's child support system into something that will genuinely benefit the people of a separated family, while continuing to support and advise people who are having to deal with this agency, which is still the most administratively incompetent UK government agency in living memory. (NACSA members who don't want to become subscribers to NACSA Ltd can get a refund of the remainder of their membership).

In order to avoid making this transition more difficult, I have removed from this web site some material that was critical of the original group. My objective in publishing that critical material had been to encourage NACSA to realise the need to change. Since NACSA Ltd has now made the necessary change, that material now serves no useful purpose, and simply confuses things.

In order to retain my independent status, I decided not to put myself forward as a director of NACSA Ltd. I will provide consulting to NACSA Ltd where our interests coincide. I will be critical of them if I feel they are making mistakes. But so far, I believe the new directors of NACSA Ltd (ex-committee members of the original NACSA) are approaching things in the right manner.

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