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The politics (sexual & otherwise) of male contraception

Under development - it isn't a simple personal decision, there will be many political & lobbyist pressures.


Once both sexes can veto conception, children who were not wanted by both people at time of sex will tend not to occur.

Will there then be enough replenishment of the population to pay for support for retired people? If not, what will the political pressures on contraceptives be?

Religion & morals

(Disclosure. I am an atheist - or more precisely I believe that if gods exist they don't affect us. I also believe that people wield the "moral" weapon when they have run out of real arguments).

What I see is that when it comes to sex, neither men nor women act in their own nor their potential children's medium/long term best interests. Hell, it's fun, why should they?

See above - it isn't a one sided matter. Typically, when there is a question about why the women had casual sex in spite of the potential consequences, there is the corresponding question about why the man had casual sex in spite of the potential consequences! You shouldn't treat women as being the ones who should have thought of all these things & treat men as not needing to (or perhaps not being able to).

(One of the few real concerns about a new generation of male contraceptives is whether it will cause people not to use condoms in cases where STDs are a risk. But apart from that, they will probably be good for many men & quite a few women too).

Relationships & marriage

There is a separate question about whether women would trust men sufficiently to stop using the female pill. (Some men may not want them to do so - they would prefer the extra confidence).

In world with such contraceptives: if HE doesn't want to father a child, HE should take responsibility; if SHE doesn't want to mother a child, SHE should take responsibility. Or they can come to a joint agreement. Who would argue with this?

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your help. I was nervous at first but was surprised how quick and painless the op was, one swing of a machettee, a wrap of duct tape, and that was it. Fantastic! No more pesky kids. Thanks a million".
Quote on the Hartlepool Vesectomy Clinic web site.

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