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Reproductive trends for never-together men & women

"Choice For Men" and opposition to the Child Support Acts are not always reactions by "deadbeat dads" to being made to fulfill their responsibilities. (Although this is a factor in many cases).

They are also a reaction to disquiet that political and social trends, and technology, concerning rights and responsibilities about reproduction and bringing up children have become unbalanced. Where they once unduly favoured men, they now unduly favour women and penalise men. There are many dimensions to these trends, and all appear to be adverse. Here are some (unquantified) trends. Many of these trends are equally applicable to once-together men and women.

(And to restate my own situation - I am childfree and have no personal reason to lobby or crusade on this matter!)

Topic Trend Comments
Female pre-sex birth control
  • Contraception pill - various kinds
  • Implants or patches
  • Female condom or cap
  • Intra-Uterine Device - various kinds
  • (Rhythm - with or without technology aids - ha!)
  • ("Just say no")
Male pre-sex birth control
  • Vasectomy
  • Male condom
  • ("Just say no")
Female post-sex birth control
  • Morning after pill
  • Legal abortion
Male post-sex birth control
  • (Run!)
Female post-birth options
  • (Parental responsibility is automatic)
  • Keep the child and claim support & benefits
  • Put it up for adoption
Male post-birth options
  • Claim parental responsibility
Residence / custody for never-together mothers
  • Virtually 100%
Residence / custody for never-together fathers
  • Virtually 0%
Lone mother state support
  • New Deal for Lone Parents
  • Working Families Tax Credit & Childcare Tax Credit
  • Better childcare availability
  • Child Benefit
  • Other benefits
Absent father state support
  • Child Support Agency!
Social acceptability of lone motherhood
  • Do people care anymore?
  • Focus is on the faults of absent fathers, not lone mothers
Social acceptability of absent fatherhood
  • "Deadbeat Dads"
Other financial trends for lone mothers
  • Child Support Agency
Other financial trends for absent fathers
  • Child Support Agency!
  • Paternity fraud

Love is grand; divorce is a hundred grand.

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