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"Child Support Analysis"
Child Support Analysis is a small independent think-tank. Its scope is "child support in the UK and topics related to child support". This is its web site.

Child Support Analysis wants to answer the question "what should replace the new scheme so that the UK has child support suitable for the 21st Century?"

This weblog and web site
This is the web site of Child Support Analysis. It provides a weblog for news about child support, a portal with 100s of links, and a repository where most of its material is published.

Its primary audience is "politicians, academics, lobbyists & media". The secondary audience is "CSA staff, CSA customers & their advisors". It provides: Analysis, Explanation, Information, Opinion, and perhaps Understanding.

It doesn't provide advice, although it identifies sources of advice.

It does not exist for: Advising, Blaming, Campaigning, or Debating.

Intentions for the future of this web site

The prime focus of this web site will continue to be about the future of the UK's child support system.

The topics "child support systems across the world" and "history of child support across the world" will continue to be expanded in future. This should make this web site into a recognised source for "child support across nations & centuries", perhaps by the end of 2004.

The on-line description of the reformed system may be extended to cover more topics, and expanded to provide more details of the topics covered.

Another intention is to add many more news articles. (I already have many of them).

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Contributing to this web site

I am the chief analyst, and editor of this web site, not the sole author. Contributions are welcome.

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Barry Pearson (me!)
I'm a childfree self-employed business analyst and photographer. I am a founder and the chief analyst of Child Support Analysis.
Here is a page showing some more about myself.

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I have web site showing some of my business activities and many of my photographs.

Alternative address for my web site.

Link to the Birds and Animals web site.

I am the creator and webmaster of Birds and Animals .info.

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I am the developer and webmaster of The King's Norton Web Site, for the King's Norton History Society. I have also provided several of the photographs.

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